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What’s up and welcome guys, I’m Luke Martin with chopstick travicom and today I am in terengganu on the eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia this place is famous for its hundreds of kilometers of untouched unpolluted white sandy beaches Just like this one. We’re on but that is not why we are here in fact We are here for a mass of food tour We have picked in a ton of food And I know you guys are going to like this episode so make sure you stay tuned to the end Because we’re going to be eating a ton.

I’m hungry. Let’s go eat Okay, we are at our first stop today for breakfast, and this just looks incredible We are sitting down for a plate of nasi kerabu and we are at a very popular restaurant called cozy nasi kerabu and actually the street food World Congress 2017 named this in the top 50 street foods you can even see on his sign outside He has said that and I checked and it was number 22 or 23 so this spot is Famous for good reason apparently and that is for this dish here that nasi kerabu so let’s dig it here We have an amazing plate of nasi kerabu and certainly the most prominent thing on this plate would be this brilliant blue rice on the bottom So this rice has actually been dyed with something called a blue pea Flour and then on top of all that we have a mixture of grated coconut bean sprouts and some herbs and that is called alum Over here, we have a salted egg And then this is something that’s very interesting and commonly eaten with nasi kerabu that is called salute Lata And that is a pepper that has been stuffed with minced fish Spiced mince fish and then some coconut as well and then of course we have the Barbecued chicken that they are grilling out front and that looks amazing it is just completely Charred on the exterior and then also we got the beef that they are also barbecuing outside And there’s some other things hiding underneath here. You can see a little bit right here That would be kind of like a fried grated coconut and then on top we have of course some sambal chili sauce so then altogether this is an amazing looking plate of nasi kerabu So one of my favorite parts about this restaurant or one of the things that makes it so cool is in front They are just ihling a ton of meat chicken and beef, and it’s just spiced in quite a bit of chilies And I’m not even exactly sure but it smells incredible super smoky And they are very popular so they’re cooking tons of that chicken and beef, and it looks incredible We’ve ordered up the chicken and and this just smells Incredible, I’m just gonna try to get sort of like a bite of everything Maybe not that pepper yet But definitely make sure we get some blue rice in the bottom Lots of grated coconut and then that Ullom mixture on top so this should be a good bite Oh No, that’s amazing that Brie dude coconut is incredible That’s such a like tropical flavor, but then at the same time extremely spicy from that sambal sauce and then the rice actually has sort of like a Floral flavor to it, and that is incredible all together I also had a piece of the beef and it kind of tasted like maybe the marinade had some Sourness to it because there was a little bit of sourness in there, but altogether that is just incredible. Let’s go for another bite I’m just gonna go right in there again piece of that beef one more time anybody Those bean sprouts the coulomb mixture On top is just incredible worked so well with all the different components of this dish Okay, I’m gonna break myself off a piece of this barbecue chicken over here, and definitely get some of the rice everything oh That’s gonna be a big bite This is probably my favorite thing of the whole dish is that grated coconut it tastes so good with the rice To that barbecue chicken actually has a little bit of a sweetness to it And I think the marinade might be different from the beef marinade because the beef almost has sort of like a sour spicy And this is more of like a sweet and spicy And it is still juicy though And that is like perfectly barbecued smoky smoky chicken and then mixed with all that coconut and that blue rice This is just us this a stellar dish really Okay, I’m gonna try it this year. This is called celada and just check that out That is a mass of pepper filled with minced fish And some spices and then also I believe it’s grated coconut and probably a little bit of coconut milk as well So let’s just try that it’s kind of just like a mini hot dogs sort of with a pepper, bun Wow that’s awesome It’s not spicy at all It’s actually quite sweet sort of like a like a bell pepper, sweetness And then there’s like little bits of that grated coconut on the inside and that minced fish meat doesn’t taste fishy Whatsoever it’s spiced only slightly That’s really simple But really really good finished off with that extremely tasty plate of nasi kerabu Really, what took it to the next level for me was that generous usage of coconut I really just love coconut and then of course this extremely smoky barbecue chicken It’s a little bit sweet a little bit spicy and extremely smoky this place is awesome I can see you eyes in the top 50 best Street foods, so let’s head to our next location You wanna eat here?Em? yeah. Eat here. Please. How old are you?23. Study? Uhh no! Travel. Yeah This is banana leaf and this uhh, glutinous rice.

Yeah? coconut? Yeah, coconut. Coconut milk. Okay. Coconut milk with sugar and salt. Inside. And it’s called llama? Lemang*. Lemang… LemangL E M A N G Okay, lemang. We are about to try something called lamang and it is basically a bamboo stock that is stuffed with sticky rice and Coconut milk and also salt and sugar, and it’s just crazy smoky here And we’re right on the side this tree is a really cool spot, and it looks really good We’ve also ordered up some beef rendang, which she mentioned is commonly eaten alongside the lamang so it is very hot still and That looks awesome. It just kind of looks like some really really sticky rice. I’m gonna dip it in this paper and a Get a piece of beep with it Oh, yeah Oh That rendang is amazing it has it’s quite spicy But the lemongrass in there is amazing and this rice is awesome as well. You can see It’s sort of tinge Because it’s also wrapped in a banana leaf to stop it from sticking to the bamboo Stalk and that is like a very sticky glutinous rice, and it does a good job. It’s so camp this rendang Oh, man, that’s really good super super smoky super fragrant Oh, I got me a little bit spicy Onion much rice brown sure Thank you so I don’t know if you can tell but my eyes are hurt like watering because There’s a massive fire cooking all the lamang over here, and we are just be seeing and this rendang with it is incredible So let’s go for another little dip get a piece of beef. Oh, man. You can just see lemongrass in there Rendang is almost a little bit sour I’m Very very sweet as well and also the smokiness from that rice is just incredible cozier home Moe kind of Berg charcoal flavor so as you can see all the lamang are cooking away here She told us that they cook for about two hours before they’re finished so that the bamboo stock is actually lined With leaf banana leaf and then stuff with the sticky rice and then every once in a while should kind of Work the sticky rice down and mix in a little bit of coconut milk, and it gives it that Amazing fragrance and aroma it’s really good super smoky and goes nicely with that run dog So the food was extremely delicious But also the owner here was extremely friendly so if you guys are ever in this area make sure to check out C7 is the stall here, and you won’t be disappointed Thank you very much. Have a good day This is such an amazing warning market This is the pasar ba semarang here in Terengganu, and I just love to come to these morning markets every new country and city that we go to I always like to make Sure, I visit a morning market It’s just so incredible to see the local culture and the locals just living their life And then the diversity of all the ingredients that you will be eating in the local dishes This morning market is extremely cool, and there’s so much good-looking food inside But we picked it one thing specifically and this is called a palm valley Basically it is just a pancake and these are common throughout Southeast Asia, and you can order all kinds of different ingredients We ordered up the chocolate chip with corn And I believe she put crushed peanuts and sugar in there as well and just check that out It is oozing with chocolate, so let’s dig it. Okay. This is Extremely hot, and it feels really like fluffy, which how to rip off a piece here. Oh that is hot the insides are like molten Okay It’s kind of like Sort of unhooked on the inside, so it’s really kind of creamy, but then the outside is really fluffy But the corn in there And then the batter that hasn’t been cooked sorta makes it like really creamy on the inside which I wasn’t really expecting And then that is extremely sweet from that chocolate and then I can also taste those little crushed peanuts in there as well Check out how sloppy this is it is just smeared with chocolate everywhere and really what makes us unique I guess is that cream corn on the inside, so it adds like a little bit of sweetness and a lot of Creaminess as well and it is cooled down a little bit, so let’s take another bite. Oh Yeah, it’s like half cooked on the inside so really really creamy especially with that creamed corn in there and then super sweet and chocolatey as well So we are stopping on our next location today to have a very famous snack from terengganu We’re having something called Carol puck liqueur and as you can imagine Terengganu is super famous for all its seafood dishes And as you can see we have just come down to the beach to enjoy Our little snack so you can just imagine that all the seafood here is extremely fresh, okay? So our Carroll puck liqueur has come in sort of like a newspaper wrap and this is quite heavy So let’s open this up and take a look at these guys oh Yeah, there’s quite a lot, and I oh there’s some chilli sauce in here as well, and I can actually feel them They are they’re definitely fresh out of the fryer oh Yeah there they are So let’s kind of unravel these guys And get a closer look and I could just feel the oil coming off them so there they are This is the keropok liqueur, which is basically like a fish sausage so it’s minced spiced fish and then fried in a ton of oil and To be honest it doesn’t look the most appetizing Food I’ve ever seen in fact It kind of looks like intestines or a little bit like Kind of a turd you will see it Everywhere on the side of the road so as I mentioned it is just kind of a fish pace Or a fish cake, but it is also mixed with palm starch to give it kind of a spongy texture And it is commonly eaten with chili sauce so we actually bought ourselves a whole bottle Because we did not know it was served with a small bag So I think what I’m going to do for my first bite Here is actually just dip it right into the chili sauce or right into the bottle Give it a nice soaking and that should be a good bite It is just like a fish cake just like any other fish cake I’ve ever had, but that sauce is a little bit sweet So it gives it another dimension, and it is quite kind of like spongy from that palm starch in there I don’t see the big draw in it, but I mean these are a nice little snack to have on the beach here and Terengganu So we have come to have a very famous dish here in terengganu actually two different dishes so the first one I have here is called. Oh taco. Oh topics, so it’s actually a little piece of Spiced fish on the inside and then wrapped in these I think this is banana leaf or a part of the banana leaf And then it is roasted over charcoal just to a crisp almost to the point where it’s actually bursting out of the banana leaf and This one is slightly different than the satire so over here that this is a satire and these are as you see kind of like Triangular shaped and the main difference between these two from what I understand is the satire actually has minced fish on the inside whereas the other Oh taco talk has actually a chunk of fish And they are both spiced with different things like coconut Chilies some salts all kinds of different delicious spices and there then the sitar is then put on to kind of a big long skewer and Roasted over the same really really hot charcoal right to a complete crisp, so these look delicious Let’s dig in okay I’m gonna start with these taco talk And they are just pounding these if there is so many people waiting to eat these so I’m really excited So let’s open this up and as you can see it. They were grilling it at such a hot temperature It was actually almost like oozing out of the banana And these are kind of like snack sized bites Oh, yeah, there. We go so as you can see there’s a big piece of the spiced fish in there It’s like a perfect little nugget actually Oh, yeah Okay that is that is just super super smoky it has that almost like burnt flavor charcoal flavor A little bit spicy from the chilies in there a little bit salty and that is like a firm firm fish But there they are not skimping on that because that is like a big Nugget size bitch bye pasta tastes like coconut in there all kinds of spices, maybe some lemongrass as well Okay, I’m gonna actually go for one more this one as you can see is like broken from them grilling it over the hot heat and they They do not go lightly on the spice. Oh, man yes Let’s actually get the rest of that spice in there That one was almost a little bit sweet, so let’s try this a car now And as I said these guys look a little bit different They are wrapped up in a triangular shaped banana leaf, and these are the minced fish So let’s not exactly sure how they wrap these up. It’s pretty intricate where do I? Begin to unravel this oh there we go Fell out there and as you can see it is it is even burned right through That banana leaf, and this is this is a more of like a fish cake minced fish texture than the chunk of fish in the Oh taco taco Okay that has More of like a seafood flavor you can definitely taste some like onions in there too. Oh That’s good. I would say they’re very similar I believe the Oh taco talk has more of like a bird flavor Probably just because of the way that they’re wrapped the charcoal grill has an easier time getting Flavor right into the fish. I think I like these better because they’re just like perfect little nuggets and they’re still warm That is a beautiful little fishin area I prefer these definitely so we are actually in this southern part of terengganu about two hour drive from kuala terengganu city and This is hot is extremely popular for these I’ve read that this was the best spot and all the Malaysians who actually get this because this is a very popular Terengganu dish so the place we’re at right now is called wet long Oh taco talk chaewon And I would definitely recommend you come try these David if you’re ever in the area Especially the top of donkeys are amazing all right like I said this place is super popular And they’re pretty much sold out and it’s only about 12:30, so make sure you come early if you are going to come here But that was awesome I think the key here is that the meat is boneless and also that it is cooked over that charcoal just check out these grilling away We are at our last stop today on our breakfast food tour of terengganu, and we are having an East Coast specialty This is nasi Calm. Essentially nasi dagang is a fish curry on rice And I believe that they commonly use tuna So this restaurant is extremely popular for the nasi dagang and this is a East Coast specialty as I mentioned especially For breakfast so this restaurant is just pumping out the nasi dagang served on this banana leaf And they just have huge like cauldrons of curry cooking inside and a big chunk of fish Right on top of this lovely bed of rice, so let’s dig in so I’m gonna make this first bite count I’m gonna get a big chunk of that tuna and then a quite a bit of the curry as well and of course the rice And that should be a good bite Oh yeah, oh man, that’s so good It’s quite spicy actually but like rich with coconut milk And you can kind of feel every grain of rice in there Because this is sort of like not a sticky rice at all, but kind of just separates in your mouth And then that fish is just tender does not describe that fish that is just totally flaky okay I’m gonna go in for another bite with a big piece of fish here Oh oh Yeah, that’s a meaty fish, so it’s a pretty simple dish nasi dagang, but certainly is all about that curry It is just so packed with flavor and more than likely Most of the spices in that curry are coming from that morning market We were just at but I think I could bring it up a notch and that is with this Condiment on the table I believe this is sort of like a pickled chili mixture Probably vinegar and we’ve got some green and red chili, so let’s take those and just throw them over here. Oh Yeah, I should I should bring the spice level up and also probably a little bit of sourness from that vinegar Okay, let’s try that No definitely brings the heat and those those chilies are just pickled nicely in some like sour vinegar and then mixing with that It’s sort of like a sweet really rich Creamy, curry it goes really well kind of cuts the sort of heaviness of that coconut milk Okay, that’s gonna be good. Let’s get a piece of fish some chilies take a bite a tuna Okay, guys totally polished off that banana leaf of nasi

dagang that was amazing I can see why that’s so popular here It’s really just simple But the key here is fresh ingredients that tuna was ridiculously fresh And then that that curry was just so spiciest and full of flavor Is really just an amazing dish, so we still have a few more stops on our road trip across, Malaysia And we are going to be making a lot more videos so I hope you’ll stay tuned for those make sure to subscribe so you get a notification and Hit that Bell so you are alerted when we do post a new video and leave me any questions you have in the comment box Leave big thumbs up, and I’ll see you on the next episode guys

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