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WHAT TO EAT IN BALI – Best Indonesian Food and Warungs


WHAT TO EAT IN BALI – Best Indonesian Food and Warungs




this is what you come here for oh my godso good what’s up guys welcome back to another video today is a food vlog andStacia is taking over and she’s gonna be eating everything across all of Indonesiathe whole country I mean we also have a special guest with us today Robin thisis my mom Robin she flew in all the way from America to stay with us for twoweeks and her and my dad are basically the people to thank for me eatinganything and everything across the entire world so my love for food camefrom her and my dad who unfortunately can’t be here because he’s back homehard at work but I still attribute it all to you guys so we asked a bunch ofyou guys on Instagram what your favorite Balinese and Indonesian foods would beand we got a ton of answers yeah thank you for all our messages are stillblowing up right now I love it so I picked out five that are easilyaccessible to us here in sanur and we’re gonna try some today and yeah as alwaysI can’t wait so before we hit up all the amazing Indonesian food I’m gonna fuelup with some traditional beverages first is called Kunyit Asam which isfreshly pressed turmeric and lime with a papaya stalk and then I have traditionalBalinese coffee and I actually have a really funny story about Balinese coffeeso the way they make it is they actually put the grounds directly into the cupand then steep almost boiling water right on top for five minutes what thatdoes is it allows the grounds to settle so that the grounds won’t get in yourmouth as you drink the coffee but you’re left at the end of the cup with like amuddy layer of coffee grounds at the bottom of your cup so Ryan and my firstnight here we go to a convenience store and I think I’m buyinginstant coffee we go home go to sleep I wake up the next morning and I go tomake what I think is a cup of Indonesian instant coffeeso I’m stirring the grounds around stirring stirring stirring and I keepsipping and I’m like this isn’t dissolving like what’s going on so Ikept getting mouthfuls of grounds but little did I know I wasn’t making itproperly and I needed to let the ground settle so this is my first real cup ofBalinese Coffee the traditional Kopi Tubruk it’s good if I never thought you couldmake coffee with the ground still in the cup it’s really nice very thick almostlike a Turkish coffee or a Vietnamese coffee it’s yummyand then for the turmeric drink I’m really excited because I use turmeric alot at home too to fight like information and just to promote overallgood health but this looks real thick whoo that’s amazingthis is so good it’s obviously just turmeric and lime so those are the onlytwo flavor profiles I like this a lot thank you so much to one of ourInstagram subscribers for recommending this drink he did recommend the turmericmixed with tamarind but I couldn’t find it so this is the next best thing nexthowever we are going to one of the most highly recommended places from all ofyou guys on Instagram it’s a local Warung which is a little bit differentthan a restaurant a Warung is like a family-owned cafe with really affordableprices and really traditional Indonesian food. so ask anyone from Bali what the number one food you need to try when you come to Bali is and they will say Babi Gulingwhich is a whole roast suckling pig you guys know from our Philippines videos Iabsolutely love suckling pig we came to Warung Babi Guling in Sanur to try one of the best in all of Bali thank you so much so we pretty much are killing threebirds with one stone here this is our plate of roast suckling pig I have thecrispy skin the pork pieces I have sate and sambal matah. the differencebetween sambal matah and a traditional shrimp paste or chilipaste sambal is that this one is actually dry and raw it’s not cooked soit’s a dry mixture of onions garlic chilies and some various spices it’ssuper spicy so obviously I have to taste the best first the crispy pork skin soit gets this crispy by rubbing oil and turmeric on the outside which is also whyit’s this color and there’s nice congealed amazing fat on the back this is like my favorite guiltypleasure snack it’s all fat hardly any nutrients but it tastes sogood so next up I’m gonna try a bite with everything mixed all together it’s so fresh tasting you just get likea huge kick of chilies from the sambal matah but the pork is extremely tenderI’m really impressed the best time to come here is around lunchtime and it’slike 4:00 p.m. so I don’t think they cooked this very recently but regardlessof the time it’s still extremely flavorful from very moist as wellit’s sate time it’s so good pretty popular all aroundSoutheast Asia but each country kind of has their own take on it this

seems likea relatively dry rub that’s cooked over an open flame and fan so that you getsome of the charcoal flavor you taste a ton of charcoal chilies and somesweetness as well it’s really good so I did pretty good job that means it’sreally good everything together was amazing the only thing left to bedesired was like I wanted six pounds more of pork. Pork isn’t super popular in all of Indonesia since Indonesia is a primarily Muslim country they don’t eat pork butin Bali it’s predominantly Hindu when pork is a huge part of the cuisine sobabi Guling is one of Bali’s claim to fame and for good reason it’s reallygood we’re here at the next Warung which has been highly recommended not onlyonline but by one of our Instagram followers thank you so much forsuggesting this place this dish is gonna be a little bit more adventurous I meanRyan’s definitely not gonna try this one it is traditional Balinese fish headsoup here at Warung Mak Beng they have a set menu so you come here and you getthree things 45 Indonesian Rupiah you get nasi or rice you have a reallyamazing looking piece of fried mackerel this is the cooked sambal which isdifferent from the one we saw earlier and then fish soup I got a fish cheekwhich is like the highly coveted piece of fish meat so I’m super excited aboutthat really clean flavors so it’s reallyfresh tasting the fish is a tiny tiny bit dry but it’s really hard to avoidthat when you’re cooking a whole fish fillet like this but the outside isreally nice and crispy extremely flavorful and not too greasy and theneverything just tastes like clean simple flavors that’s what I love the mostabout food is when it tastes clean. so the soup itself is pretty simple it is the fishhead cucumbers which are cooked with white radish and then everything slowlysimmered with turmeric which is where you get this really nice color from gingershallots and chilies but what I’m really excited for is to try this fish head solet me get some of the cheek out that is a huge piece of cheek this is what you come here for oh my godso good the cheek is like the most tender thing I’ve ever eaten in myentire life when the broth is relatively mild I thought it was gonna be reallyspicy but it just accompanies the fish really well it doesn’t overpower itthere’s actually a little bit of sweetness to it too so I actually triedanother really popular Indonesian soup called bakso but I tried that in ourInstagram stories so follow us on Instagram go to the Bali highlight andyou can see what I thought of bakso as well this place is amazing it’s rightacross from the beach in northern Sanur so if you’re having like a beach daydefinitely stop by Warung Mak Beng yeah. so we arehere at the Sanur night market this is pretty much one of my favorite venues totry local cuisine is a night market you just get people who are cooking everynight out of passion from their carts there’s always long queues for the goodstuff so you know it’s good right away and lets go. so I know you guys wouldbe mad at me if I didn’t try Nasi Campur so here is my plate essentially amixed rice dish with a bunch of different proteins and vegetables intheir own sauces and spices it’s a pretty similar thing to other SoutheastAsian countries with a bunch of mixed foods right next to white rice so I’mreally excited to try the Balinese version so I want you guys to leave acomment down below and tell me what I’m eating because I know some of the thingsbut every nasi campur is a little bit different so it’s really difficult tokeep track one thing I do know these amazinglittle caramelized spiced peanuts are on my plate and these are so good I’m just the biggest fan of mixed platesimilar to Penang when I had that amazing nasi kandar it’s bringing back all thoseflavors for me my mouth is just watering for more I have chicken, eggthere is beef there’s eggplant on the plate and I couldn’t ask for much morein a dish really so another thing you’ll notice when you are a Western touristsin Bali in particular they won’t always give you all of the spicy dishes becausea lot of people get what they call to be Bali Belly and it’s basically like it’sand upset stomach from eating too much spicy food but if you do want to tastethe authentic versions make sure you tell them you want the food spicy whichis what I did and it’s hands down some of the most flavorful food I’ve had in areally long time thank you I’m not great with my pronunciation sothis lovely lady’s helping me out this is Jaje Bali yes one of youmessaged us on instagram and said that this was a must-tryfor Balinese sweets so I asked for one of everything all right I’m gonna trythe tapioca first because it looked at reminds me of those little jelly wormslike the sour jelly worms rolled in coconut mmm really good mild flavorrolled in like a nice unsweetened coconut that one wasn’t too sweet butI’m gonna go try the others as well now this one piqued my interest because Ilove sweet rice dessert this looks like sticky rice rolled in coconut this is so good really good thank you somuch I have a sweet potato one which I’m really excited to trynow that texture is much different than the other ones it is like a sweet potatowrapped in a gelatinous sweet casing with coconut as well what I really likeabout this is that it’s not overwhelmingly sweet to like sugarypowdery desserts give me a headache but this is seriously perfect I would highlyrecommend this to anyone who has sweet tooth while you’re in Bali as usual guysto stop pretty much nearing food coma everything we tried today was

reallyamazing my sweet tooth is so strong that I got a sesame ball and a fried donutfor the ride home but that’s pretty much it if you liked this video give it a bigthumbs up we’ll see you guys in the next one. Seeya! You guys always ask for Ryan to try stuff so here we go Turmeric? Turmeric. I’m not a big fan of turmeric.

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