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Welcome to the street food dollar menu

Welcome to the street food dollar menu

Welcome to the street food dollar menu today me and my dude Lal are gonna Take you all around Saigon eating 10 different street foods for under a buck. Let’s do it You won’t believe how far you can stretch a dollar right here in Viet Nam’s Largest city Saigon has so many options when it comes to mouth-watering tasty treats, but today. We’ll focus on street foods That is food served on sidewalks and street signs cooked on the spot It’s quick and affordable from savory sweet and sometimes even a little unusual well You know I am a big fan of a lot of spit food Except for this one because I don’t feel like eating you know like a little baby things It’s time to see Saigon 10th street foods for under $1 Food 1 spring rolls coming in at 25 cents each the spring roll starts with freshly moistened rice paper then topped with pork shrimp rice noodles lettuce herbs and spring onion Then roll tightly and served with peanut sauce one of the really cool things about Vietnam is all this like street food It’s right out here people like pull up on their bike they stop They get some food spring rolls is probably one of the most internationally recognized street foods from Vietnam people know Fahd They know funny, and they know the spring renewal. Do you think the spring roll is deserving of that top spot? I would say yes, so it’s gonna be in a top like topped hands most delicious Vietnamese food all right. Yeah well Let’s enjoy it together right now. We’ve got our sauce here Okay, oh god. We had to switch it weird what happened so say that this array is in nice nicest shape right it looked nicer better than that’s why I Like this alright she knows production value little dip dip Jim and Cheers Chewie

vermicelli noodles crispy greens in there and tons of herbs making it really fresh the sauce It’s salty it’s thick it’s peanutty. It’s awesome. No Street food one. We’ve got nine more to go Let’s keep going food to che costing sixty cents per cup This is a frozen Vietnamese dessert that can include dozens of different ingredients our order today will include black bean white beam mung bean puree palm sugar water chestnut with green jelly covering coconut cream jellies Coconut milk and ice here when you mix the ice With the coconut milk it does something special to the ingredients And it makes it like chewy right so it gives each one like a cool texture You want to mix it like a brine, okay Aunty and rannian together Too sweet, it’s just a nice mellow sweetness. It’s like a puppy by the fireplace. It’s that kind of inviting sweetness It’s not like a rock concert of sugar. I think the most special thing of this one It is one inside a principle. Here is the water chestnuts water yeah, and it is coded by the tapioca flour Mmm. Gooey on the outside and then becomes almost Snappy crunchy Orien sighs exactly. I like this you can drink it you can eat it you can crunch on it You got the chewy part. It’s really cool We’re just getting warmed up and after eating that dessert Lau and I head to Saigon famous Turtle Lake where every afternoon dozens of sidewalk vendors bring their mobile cooker ease office workers and Students alike come here to relax hang with friends and grab some quick affordable food Which brings us to food three bond Cheng chomp coming in at about one dollar this mixture starts with rice paper strips and beef jerky then Vietnamese coriander shredded papaya quail eggs sweet jerky made from cow lung a squeeze of Citrus sweet sour sauce and chili oil this gets a good shake in and it’s ready to eat And honestly when you look at it. It kind of looks like a recycling bin for paper, but But it tastes a lot better. I’ve been wireless. Do you know what I sleep lately abundance, yeah? We don’t know what else we can do a popular spring roll something like that so we created a new way to eat it So we asked a lot of it reading inside and make it awesome my peers. Let’s go for it, right Mmm Oh So really what you have here is just a bag full of flavors and textures. It’s like all kinds of different chewiness It’s sweet its salty is spicy Andrew Zimmern tried this he called it Vietnam in a bag, and I agree with that For for shakin spicy mango one cup for about one dollar This starts out innocent enough with mango and a bit of sugar but then but you know fish sauce shrimp salt and freshly minced chilies this street side delight was invented very recently creating what you could call a mango revolution The spicy yeah, it’s my spicy a spicy fruits. I’ve never had like fruit that was intentionally made spicy oh You’re just going for it here. We go oh Wow that is a I didn’t expect this from fruit It’s fruit But this fruit is trying to be tough a punch of spiciness Saltiness yes makes for the natural sweetness like that is much more intense than I expected I would lie to scream soft the shrimp stock. They added together to make it like Savory and nice ot if you’re sick of boring old fruit. This is a way to go. This is fruit with a punch for five Bob sow Costing just under one dollar this simple of a tasty dish starts with corn sauteed and margarine then add small dried shrimp ease Sugar and spring onion fry till crispy and add a little bit of chilli sauce on the side You know I started knowing about this one-liners a long time ago. It tastes awesome Try it, okay, so we’ve got some shrimp peas in there. I spring onion. Yeah, I’m gonna dip Okay Savoring a little bit of sweetness this chilli sauce it’s almost like the ketchup of chili sauces Yeah, right, it’s like sweet and tangy. I mean every single dish they Napoli chili sauce the margarine taste with sugar I don’t know. It just does something for me It feels like junk food like good junk food and luckily this meal can last a long time Because they give you a tiny like ice cream testing spoon, it’s gonna take you at least a hundred bytes. Yeah Food six quail eggs with tamarind sauce coming in at about one dollar This is one of the most unusual Or should I say unique street foods? I’ve come across in Vietnam starting with minced chilies garlic and oil then a heaping scoop of developed quail eggs quails that have developed in the egg Then were hard-boiled before reaching maturity then splash a bit of tamarind sauce and Morning Glory plate it and top it with Vietnamese coriander and fried onions one of the most interesting street foods I have seen in Sanga maybe in my life much like a balut which a lot of people have heard of which is like the develop duck egg Okay, especially popular in the Philippines, but they eat it here, too. Yes. Well. They do the same thing for whale rare Do you like this one? honestly not I am a big fan of a lot of street food except for this one cuz I don’t feel like eating you know like a little baby things have you ever eaten a baby carrots So you don’t like eating the little baby thing I understand will you try one with me just one? Yes Yes, by the way this guy’s a hero. He obviously doesn’t want to do it, but he’s gonna have one. Oh here We go we have our big juicy fight, so we’ve got the coiled fetus. Let’s go for it buddy. Hey cheers Boos that tastes great How are you feeling right now long mm-hmm, it’s so weird

I Don’t open your mouth in them you’re doing a great job, man We don’t have water or anything here for you either for you’re doing great. There’s some crispy in this in there I don’t know if it’s like beak or a head or feet like there’s some natural Chris penis inside crunchiness But the flavor is outstanding a sweet and a little tart This is why I always say never doubt Vietnam Even if something looks a little intimidating for me at least the flavors have always been outstanding cheers to that Food seven Chinese meatballs costing about $1 simple and to the point These little pork balls wrapped in an intestine lining are thrown on the grill then paired with Vietnamese Coriander chili sauce mayonnaise and papaya it’s like different from you know all the types of mall and meet Mona this fall I’ve been all across Asia, and I put many types of balls in my mouth Chicken balls fish balls and here we have pork balls. Yes, okay, Cheers. Yeah I earned it Oh Good mm-hmm, delicious. It’s sweet and salty its fatty exploding with like juicy fattiness I love it and when you mix it with the papaya and the herbs. I mean is game over. It’s game over for your mouth After this turtle lake feast Lau is bringing me to Saigon Chinatown to sample some Chinese delights in the afternoon Right outside of Saigon University dozens of food vendors can be found and we’re here for food eight Huk Dow Coming in at about $1 these sellers will prepare their perfectly wrapped in some at home toss them in a steamer and bring them here to sell our Hakka will get topped with soy sauce chili sauce Vietnamese coriander and fried on you since we’re in Chinatown we got something China inspired Pack out a Bao Bao hmm pronunciations on fleek about a gallon and a half of soy sauce and then their chili sauce oh She’s got a front-row seat here is everything cool. Yeah Yeah, we better have not yet almost think it’s so easy to hit. Thank you oh, no I know He’s awesome yeah Hospitality do they put it in your mouth for you usually No become like you have bought an intern so I think I see if not AUD They know how to eat it is like very self-explanatory What do I do? Not know I’m starting to get it guys. It’s delicious. It’s salty is chewy and even better than that when you come here. They will feed you And the little uncomfortable at first and then it’s very endearing after that Cheers good night boat gene Costing about 85 cents another Chinese inspired classic still in Chinatown just down the street We’ve come across this beautiful crispy creation starting with sliced and fried rice cake mixed with the fried egg topped with sautéed Spring onion and shredded papaya multi right that sounds great. That’s really good notation. Did you study a lot of? Treats are crazy. There’s traffic and here we are with our very typical people of the Chinese people it’s gonna get used miss thing if we do not miss a normal Chinese because it’s a part of Our culture I met in Park with a little bit of everything okay. I got some egg I got some rice cake right go for it Anyone from the US really appreciates breakfast food hash browns and eggs. That’s what this reminds me YeahThe rice cake is so starchy that when she cries it in the oil It still has a nice starchy flavor and crunchiness to it the preparation the food is so different, but the flavor is so familiar food ten savory sticky rice for about 75 cents finally to end the night with the bang were headed to Bui vien the backpacking Party Street of Saigon for eight whopper of a meal this treat starts with a mound of sticky rice soy sauce sauteed spring onion liver pate fried onion quail egg pork floss Chinese sausage pickled carrot and radish and Chili sauce he’s come to point in this treat of wild craziness Construction or maybe that some new kind of terrible music I don’t know about it this thing is Loaded with topping his meal is just like pure calories. I love Chinese sausage and let’s go for it Oh Sticky rice that just has a great chewiness to it. I love sticky rice. It’s salty. There’s some sweetness in there This is my favorite breakfast so we can eat it for Breakfast and even for dinner and lunch well mom I am freaking stuffed Thank you for taking this foodie roller

coaster ride with me today 10 foods down 10 foods for under $1 right here in Saigon and for you guys if you’re looking for a way to see the Real Vietnam to experience Vietnam to the fullest extent Let me recommend the company called one trip one trip is putting on amazing food tours in Saigon Danang high n you get to ride around the city Explore the city explore tons of different foods until you feel like you’re ready to explode one trip food tours It’s the best way to experience Vietnam and to experience Vietnamese food for more information on one trip check out the link in the description down below I will see you next week a piece. I’m so full oh god. I can’t do it anymore. Oh stop recording its

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