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Top 10 Most Outrageous Fast Food Items


Top 10 Most Outrageous Fast Food Items


Fast food restaurants are continually tryingto outdo each other. Sometimes their unique creations leave a markon society as few things can. Some of these items everyone wishes they broughtback. While a few of them are best left in the pastwhere they belong. Everyone has at least one oddball fast foodfavorite that they enjoy. So let’s see if yours is on the list bychecking out the top 10 outrageous fast food items. Wendy’s Baconator How much bacon is too much bacon? That’s a trick question to some of you. Wendy’s set out on a mission to see if itwas possible to add too much bacon to a sandwich. The Baconator from Wendy’s weighs in ata whopping 900 calories. That’s just for one sandwich. Add fries and soda pop, and you’re goingto be chowing down on enough calories for an entire day. Would Dave Thomas approve of this bacon overload? Well, he did once say if you want fiber toeat a sweater. So, he’d probably be okay with this heapingserving of bacon. Have you sunk your teeth into a Baconator? If not, then it’s high time you head onover to your local Wendy’s. Unlike some of the items on this list, youcan get yourself a Baconator right now. Who knows how long this bacon stacked sandwichwill be on the menu. Don’t be in a panic; it’s already beenon the menu for 12 years.

The chances are good that people aren’tgoing to come to their senses any time soon. Kuro Pearl Burger from Burger King Japan There aren’t too many black foods in theworld. Who knows if that’s a good thing or a badthing. There are even fewer black colored items onfast food menus. Leave it to the courageous Japanese eatersto come up with the Kuro Pearl Burger. What’s so special about this burger? Well, everyone already knows that Burger Kingis famous for its enormous sandwich called the Whopper. This sandwich is no exception when it comesto size, but its black bun separates it from the rest of the fast food sandwiches. If all of this wasn’t already odd enoughfor you, then there’s also squid ink in the special sauce. When was the last time you sat down to a mealthat had squid ink in it? Topping off the sandwich is a slice of blackcheese. There aren’t too many places around theworld that could pull off such a sandwich. Yet, this is the third time Burger King’sreleased a black bunned burger – but as always, they are limited time items. A tear must already be forming in your eyealready over the sandwich that is no more. For now. The McRib from McDonald’s You either love or hate the McRib. There is no room for anything in between. The draw of a McRib is that it’s on themenu from time to time. No one knows for sure when it’ll be back. It pops up out of nowhere like a thief inthe night. You may find yourself going to a McDonald’sto buy one even if you hate it. Why? It has some sort of magical power over people. There is no explanation as to why anyone wouldfeel the urge to eat this pressed rib patty sandwich. What is a McRib? It’s a sandwich made out of pressed meatthat’s in the shape of a rib. It comes with onion, pickle, and BBQ sauce. It’s put together on a long soft bun thatmight be the best part of the sandwich. All of this may sound a bit harsh to thoseof you who are among the cult following this sandwich has. It wouldn’t be too surprising if you stockup on them and put a few in your freezer to savor later on. Keep an eye out online to get a heads up thenext time it’s being offered. It appears if and when the McRib is beingsold again is one of the biggest secrets in the fast food world. The Windows 7 Whopper from Burger King Japan Do you remember when Windows 7 was launched? Did you bemoan the fact that you couldn’tcelebrate its birth with a hearty burger? Well, Burger King in Japan delivered justthat. We all know the Whopper is, well, a whopperof a sandwich. It’s not too far fetched to believe thatsome of you may have a difficult time polishing off such a mammoth sandwich. Yet even so, the good folks over at BurgerKing were thinking of some way they could outdo themselves. How does a fast food chain do that when they’refamous for already offering up a huge sandwich? What does Windows 7 have to do with any ofthis? It’s as good of a reason as any to stackseven flame broiled pieces of beefy delight on top of a sandwich. Yes, the Windows 7 Whopper had seven meatpatties on it. What better way to celebrate the launch ofa new operating system than with a heart attack on a bun? Don’t be so angry that you can’t buy theWindows 7 Whopper at your local Burger King. This little menu hack will ensure that you’reable to enjoy this beefy monstrosity any time. All you have to do is ask for six additionalmeat patties on your Whopper. That’s it. You don’t need to get into a Delorean andgo back to the past with Marty McFly. There’s no need to travel back in time whenany Burger King can make this sandwich. We all know the Whopper isn’t going anywhereand that means you’ll be able to order up one of these at any time. If you dare. Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza from Pizza HutAustralia This is one of those items that makes youscratch your head. Have you ever wanted to mix hot dogs and pizza? Probably not. But someone who worked for Pizza Hut in Australiathought this was a good idea. What exactly is the Hot Dog Stuffed CrustPizza? It’s exactly what it sounds like. They stuffed a hot dog into the crust of apizza. While it didn’t take a technological geniusto pull this off, it had to take some real courage to offer it to the public. Meat in tube form can easily be shaped intojust about anything. Making it a circle to wrap around a pizzaisn’t all too complicated. The desire to eat such a pizza on the otherhand is. This item sounds like a great feast for acollege frat party or after a night of drinking. So it’s not too surprising that this isn’ta current menu item. What’s the oddest thing about the pizzaand hot dog concoction? It could be the fact they drizzled both ketchupand mustard all over the crust. Not only is this a weird combination for apizza, but the condiment drizzle also had to make it messy as well. The Foie Gras Burger from Wendy’s Japan You’d think a sandwich like this would originatein some place like France. No, it’s our Japanese friends who keep wowingus with over the top fast food items. Foie gras has gotten a bad rap over the pastfew years. What exactly is it? Foie gras is the liver from a duck that hasbeen overfed. Some say it’s animal cruelty, those in Japanand other parts of the world call it a delicacy. So much so, that they were willing to shellout the equivalent of $16 USD for this one of a kind sandwich. Now let’s turn our attention to what makesThe Foie Gras Burger so unique. It was a topped with goose liver and truffles. That sounds a bit high strung for a fast foodjoint. Wendy’s made sure not to cut corners bycontinuing to offer their world-famous square hamburger patties. It would be shocking if this sandwich madeits way to the rest of the world. Beyond the extremely high cost, there’sthe whole liver issue. Liver in itself isn’t exactly the delicacyit was once thought to be. The Foie Gras Burger kinda makes the Baconatorlook not so strange? The Waffle Taco from Taco Bell When was the last time you craved Taco Bellfor breakfast? It was probably after a night of drinkingwhere you were still awake when the sun came up. Now everyone has their wish as Taco Bell hasa brand new breakfast menu. The star of that menu is the Waffle Taco. This is exactly what your liver has been beggingyou for. It’ll sop up all that unwanted alcohol withits fast food greasy goodness. You won’t feel so bad the next day aftergobbling down a couple of these. Maybe. What exactly is a Waffle Taco? It’s a taco with a waffle shell. Yes, your mind is already blown entirely. It gets even better. The shell is folded in half like a taco andfilled with sausage or bacon and scrambled eggs. Instead of hot sauce, they give you a containerof syrup. A couple of these fantastic creations andyour night out that turned into a daytime drinking binge won’t seem so out of control. The Waffle Taco has been a hit with breakfastcustomers. While McDonald’s reigns supreme in the worldof breakfast, Taco Bell is coming full force at ‘em. Everyone should keep a close eye to what TacoBell is doing when it comes to breakfast. Don’t be surprised in the coming years ifthey begin to close in on McDonald’s. They are one of the few fast food chains whichmay be able to put a dent in McDonald’s foothold in the world of breakfast. Premium Lobster & Caviar Burger from Wendy’sJapan By now you should get the drift if you’reinto eating bizarre things, Japan is the place to go. The Premium Lobster & Caviar Burger is a sandwichfor anyone who has refined tastes. If you’re craving a sandwich like this,then you’re probably not the typical Wendy’s customer.

Though, you very well could be, in Japan. The Japanese are well known for having anadventurous appetite and a love of seafood. When those two things get combined, this isthe result of it. Don’t be surprised by the entire lobsterclaw on the sandwich. You should also not be surprised by the sprinkleof caviar on the sandwich. Yes, you heard that right. There’s both a lobster claw and caviar. It’s okay if you feel the need to extendyour pinky finger while eating it. The world will understand the need to extrudedecadence while devouring a sandwich that consists of both surf and turf. There’s no word if the Premium Lobster & CaviarBurger will be coming to a Wendy’s near you. It wouldn’t be so surprising if it did consideringthe number one bizarre fast food item on this list. There’s a demand for lobster sandwichesin America, and one fast food restaurant is dishing them out. It takes a particular type of fast food devoteeto order a sandwich containing lobster. That’s probably why it’s a relativelyunseen item on menus around the globe. The Double Down from KFC What list of fast food marvels would be completewithout Kentucky Fried Chicken? The Colonel himself is probably rolling inhis grave at this one. The Double Down from KFC is a sandwich that’snot exactly a sandwich. Well, let’s talk about this. What’s the one thing that gets in your wayof enjoying the meat when eating a sandwich? Was the first thought that came to your mindbread? If so, then you’re the exact type of personthe Double Down was designed for. Make sure you’re seated for what this sandwichconsists of. The Double Down has no bread at all. It’s, in fact, two pieces of deep-friedchicken with cheese, bacon, and sauce in between them. The two pieces of fried chicken act as thebun. Who needs bread when you can skip it and justhave delicious crispy fried chicken? Those of you who consider yourselves healthnuts can go for the grilled variety. You should know that in the Philippines KFChas what’s called the Double Down Dog. It’s a hot dog with pieces of fried chickenwrapped around it. If that’s not your cup of tea, then there’sthe Zinger Double Down at KFC in Korea. It’s a hamburger that has fried chickenas buns. This is the type of meal for all of you whohate your heart enough to fill it full of artery-clogging fat. McDonald’s McLobster in Select Restaurants Don’t mistake McDonald’s Lobster Rollfor a sandwich like their McRib. The McRib is a sandwich wherein no one knowswhen it’s going to be on sale. The McLobster, on the other hand – you knowwhen it’s going to be on the menu. It’s usually available for a very shortwindow of time during the summer. Though, you’re more than likely never goingto see it unless you go to select McDonald’s locations in New England. It also seems to keep appearing and disappearingin some locations in Canada.

The McLobster is pretty much lobster, mayo,lettuce, and a roll. The sandwich generally goes for $9 when it’sfor sale. While the price does sound steep, similarlobster rolls can cost much more in restaurants throughout New England. While some say McDonald’s McLobster isn’tthat good, the savings alone may make it well worth checking out. It’s easy to check out more of our greatvideos. Go ahead and just tap that screen. And to join our notification squad, hit thatsubscribe button and ring that bell if you’re new to our channel.


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