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Top 10 Most Famous Indian Dishes

Top 10 Most Famous Indian Dishes

Hayeee…. My mouth’s watery now !!! Hello friends , how are you doing ? I hope you all are doing great and enjoying the Christmas vibe here in Canada and back home. Friends there are a lot options that we have for Indian cuisines and dishes , Indian culture and food are equally diversified Biryani from Hyderabad, Vada pav from Bombay, Rajma Chawal from Delhi , Dhokla from Gujarat and many more… Yes friends you are right , today our video is about top 10 famous Indian dishes. Trust me friends once this video is over I am going to order a lot of Indian food. Lets begin with number 10 , Masala Dosa. This dish is for my south Indian friends, I am from Delhi friends and i really like masala dosa, even idli sambhar , vada and all other south Indian dishes. Masala dosa has its origin from Tuluva  Mangalorean cuisine  and it was originated in Udipi, Karnataka. Masala dosa is made from rice batter with potato  and curry leaves. Masala dosa has 2 parts , 1st part has potato stuffing and 2nd part is dosa itself.

Dosa is made from rice batter and with potato stuffing and with some garnishing of mustard seed and coriander. Friends i won’t tell you the full recipe as its not a cooking show but just to give you guys a taste of it. On number 9 we have Dhokla This dish is for my Gujarati friends , how are you friends? Khatta dhokla, rasia dhokla, khandavi dhokla, rava dhokla, and many more. That means friends, everyone eats dhokla and in India this dish is made in 10 different types. In north India dhokla is usually  eaten as snack with tea or on Diwali, Holi and such occasion. But in Gujarat, dhokla is eaten for breakfast , as a appetizers and even as even as main course. Dhokla is made from pulses , chilli pepper , coriander , ginger and with baking soda.Would like to eat some dhokla friends, hahaha i know i did not say it right. Lets move forward with number 8 – Vada pav How are you doing ? Good right. Vada pav is the most famous fast food in Maharashtra , friends if you guys did not try out this yet then you are missing out a lot. Friends this was not the only reason to put this dish on the list, actual reason the invention of this dish which is really interesting. In the year 1966 , head of the political party Shiv Sena, Bal Thackeray asked his men to setup small businesses. Amongst his men was Ashok Vaidya who just experimented the idea of vada pav to check the response and since then vada pave is hit in Maharashtra, this is how vada pav was invented. lets move to number 7 , Chole Bhature Yea bro, Quickly get me 1 plate of chole bhature… chole bhature is the most famous dish that eaten by Punjabis for breakfast. Chole bhature was invented in Punjab and this dish is a combination of channa masala and fried bread . We even eat this with pickles or Lassi. This means friends no one can get bored with this dish. Chole bhature is even sold on streets as street foods and even some sweet vendors also sell this. At number 6 we have Rajma On Sunday mostly rajma chwal is made in most houses across India, since childhood at my house there was a rule that my mom would make rajma chawal on Sunday. Kidney beans , i cannot believe that how can a vegetarian dish be so tasty and famous not just in India but also around the world. Friends it is said that the best rajma is grown in nepal hills and in India  Himachal Pradesh and Jammu region is the major producer of kidney beans. But the interesting things is that i never knew people in Nepal also love eating kidney beans. Healthy fact about kidney beans is that 100 grams of it has only 140 calories , so keep eating kidney beans and rice . I am going hungry now. Let move to number 5 , Roghan josh Friends how mnay of you have tried  rogan josh ? If not then you should make it a point to try it. Its the most amazing kashmiri dish i have ever tried , I have a Kashmiri friend she made me try it  and now i love it. Rogan josh is a staple dish in Kashmiri cuisines and it is also know as the Kashmiri multi course meal . It is said that originally Mughals invented this dish when they visited Kashmir during the hot weather of Delhi, Mughal emperors introduced this dish. So thank you Mughal emperors for introducing this dish. Rogan josh consists of pieces of lamb or mutton and with a gravy of all Indian spices and garnishing. Lets move forward with number 4 – Hyderabadi Biryani Friends how many of you are from Hyderabad or have you been there and tried the famous biryani, if yes then please comment below and let me know your experience. It is said that Hyderabad biryani is generally believed to have originated in the kitchens of nizam of Hyderabad. Hyderabad biryani is a blend of Mughali and Iranian cuisine and this a staple food for people of Hyderabad and even all over the world.

Hyderabad biryani is two types of biryanis ,raw  gosh biryani is made from raw meat which they marinate all night and second type is pakki biryani , in this type they use meat and layer it with rice and cook it in a clay pot by sealing with rice dough. I am sure you guys must have tried this type of biryani if not then friends then do try , i am sure you will like it. Moving forward at number 3 we have Makki Di Roti and Sarso da Saag Whats up friends , how are you doing ? To all Punjabis in the house, we are talking about top 10 famous in dishes and how can we not include makki di rotti and sarso da saaag. Makki di roti is traditional dish for Punjabi  and is mainly cooked in winters. Makki di roti is traditional dish for Punjabi  and is mainly cooked in winters. In at number 2 we have – Butter Chicken This dish not only famous in India but all around the world. I don’t know if its famous in China and Japan. But friends we Punjabis are really fond of butter chicken and its so yummmy. Butter chicken was originated in 1950’s in a area called Daryaganj in Delhi , there is a restaurant called Moti Mahal by 3 Punjabi Hindus . Friends its said that this dish was invented accidentally when 3 chefs started cooking with left over chicken , tomatoes and cream and thats when butter chicken was invented. Finally friends number 1 – Dal Makhni It is the most common dish in a Indian wedding or any restaurant that most people order.

There’s some magic to it. It is said that this dish was invented and got popular after the partition when a lot of Punjabi migrated to norther regions of India. And it is said that this dish was also invented in Moti Mahal. Just how many dishes has this restaurant invented? In Canada this dish is very famous and all Indian restaurants here have it. I know friends there are a lot of dishes that i could not put in this video and I know top 10 is not enough… maybe it should be top 50! I hope you guys liked this video and a lot of ya’ll favorite dishes are in this video. If not then try these dishes out today itself! And friends please share your experience in the comments below. We shall meet again next week with some interesting videos and facts. Till then subscribe to our channel, like our videos, share them and do what ever you want to do! I’m off for some crazy butter chicken and Dal makhani I’m your host and friend Abhi Kathuria, signing off.

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