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Top 10 Indian Foods

Top 10 Indian Foods



Number 10.Paneer Butter Masala. Paneer Butter Masala is one of the best sellerIndian Restaurant dish. Paneer Butter masala belong to the North Indian Cuisine and manyof the popular Indian Curries belong to the North Indian Cuisine only. It is a reallyvery delicious curry cooked in a Red Indian Gravy and Serve with the Roti, Paratha orButter Naan. It is very cheap and you can in a Dollar and at a fancy Restaurant it willcost just around 2 USD. Paneer Butter Masala is available almost everywherein India including major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad,Pune, Jaipur, Mussoorie, etc. In most of the Indian Restaurant Paneer Butter Masala isBest Seller Indian Curry. You can get the video recipe on detailed recipes is available at Number 9.Butter Naan. A very delicious and totally different kindof Indian Bread. Butter Naan is must for the every food lover in the world. If any Indianis ordering food in a restaurant 8 out of 10 times he will order the Naan Bread only.Naan goes good with the Indian Curies like Paneer Butter Masala, Kadai Chicken, PalakPaneer, Matar Paneer, etc. You have to pay just a Dollar for the 2 Butter Naan at mostof the places. If you ever come to India you must try ButterNaan with Paneer Butter Masala. You can watch the Naan making video on our channel. It isusually cooked in an Charcoal Oven which is known as Tandoor.

Tandoori is a special kindof Indian oven in which Indian like to cook Butter Naan, Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tikka,Chicken Tandoori, etc. There are many kinds of naan is availablein every Indian Restaurant or Dhaba like Garlic Naan, Bullet Naan, Kashmiri Naan, Cheese Naan,etc. Number 8.Kachori. Kachori is a very famous Indian Street foodwhich is available almost everywhere in India with different size and shapes. It is a verygood Indian Fast Food which is very good and you can have it in Breakfast or as a snackat any time. It is a deep fried Indian Savory dish, whichis stuffed with the vegetable stuffing and raped in a crispy cover made from the allpurpose flour or Maida. They deep fry the Kachoris until it became golden brown andcrispy from outside.

It is very cheap and you can get one plate of Kachori in just around30 cents. Usually Kachori is served with the Chutneysand In Delhi is served with the Potato or Aloo Curry. You can find Kachoris at mostof the Indian Street Food Carts and Shops. I personally like Kachori very much and theKachori in Rajasthan and Delhi, Ohm, So Good. Number 7.Khaman Dhokla. A spongy and mouth watering Gujarati Fastfood which is heavenly delicious and healthy too. Basically Dhokla means a Steamed Spongycake made from the Gram Flour. It is specialty of Gujarat. I personally like it very much.Khaman Dhokla is also known as Besan Dhokla, Dhokla, Khata Dhokla, Nylon Khaman, etc.It is available at almost every place in India. But the Gujarat and Mumbai are the best placeto try some amazing Khaman Dhokla’s. It is very cheap You can get 2 plates of BesanDhokla in just 1 dollar. If you are a true food lover, must try Dhokla at least oncein a lifetime. Usually Dhokla is served with the Green Chutneymade from the herbs. In most of the Gujarati functions, parties, weddings, etc you willfind Khaman Dhokla. Thank to Gujarat for giving such an amazing dish to the world.You can Have Dhokla in Breakfast or, Lunch or in a Dinner. It is not spicy at all soanybody can have Dhokla’s at anytime during the whole day.Number 6. Fafda Jalebi.Another Gujarati’s favorite and delicious street food from the state of Gujarat, India.Fafda and Jalebi are to different dishes served together in a plate in the Breakfast in Gujarat.Gujarati people love it too much and seriously it is heavenly delicious fast food.Let’s kwon first What is Fafda? Fafda is a Gujarati snack made from the GramFlour or Besan. It is crunchy and very good in taste. They deep fry it until it becamevery crunchy and soft at a time. Now What is Jalebi?Jalebi is a very unique Indian Sweet or Dessert with is very common Sweet dish in the allIndian Cities. It is made from the Fermented Plain Flour and Sugar Syrup. It is very heavydish. So whenever eating Jalebi forgot the dieting and calories Bla Bla Bla.Fafda and Jalebi served to gather in a plate with Papaya Salad and deep fried green chiliesvery hot in the Gujarati Breakfast. If you want to try best Fafda and Jalebi Ahmedabad,Surat, Vadodara and Mumbai are the best places to try it. You can find Fafda Jalebi at mostof the places in Gujarat. It is a very cheap you can get one plate injust Rupees 30 or 50 cents. Number 5.Aloo Paratha. Wow, I love Aloo Paratha. Aloo Paratha isa very special kind of Indian Stuffed flat Bread. You can have Aloo paratha in Breakfastor Lunch. It is served with the cup of Tea or Coffee in Indian Cities.Aloo means nothing but the Potatoes. It is a very delicious Indian Food which is notspicy and almost everybody likes it very much. They make it after stuffing Masala potatoinside the Dough made from the Whole Wheat. It is a good dish to start a colorful morningin India. They Cook Aloo Paratha on the Tawa or deepfry it. In Most of the North Indian cities you will find delicious Aloo Paratha in justRs. 10 to 20 or in just 1 Dollar you can get 6 Paratha.Number 4. Lassi.Lassi oh Lassi. I like Lassi very much. If you are coming from Europe or American itwill be your favorite drink for sure. Lassi is made from the Yogurt, Sugar and some flavorslike Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple, etc. It is a very good and delicious Indian DessertDrink. It is very popular and you will find it at the every nook and corner in India.One glass for just 10 or 20 rupees, oh yum yum. So good. Number 3.Chicken Biryani. Chicken Biryani is one of the best IndianNon-vegetarian dish. It is very famous across the globe. It is common in the Indian citieslike Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. You can find Country’s best

Biryani Houses in theCity of Hyderabad. It is made from the Boiled Rice and Chickenafter adding some Indian Spices in it. It is so good, Do you know how good is the Biryani.After eating Biryani when you go back to your country where you don’t get it. It willcome in your dream every day. You can get one plate of Biryani in or under2 USD. If you want to try best Biryani Must go the Hyderabad.Number 2. Chhole Bhature.Chhole and Bhature to different dishes in a plate. Sound really good. It is a very cheapand Healthy Breakfast option for the India. It is very famous towards the North Indiaside. Chhole means White Chickpeas and Bhature means a deep fried Bread made from the PlainFlour or Maida. They serve Chhole Bhature with some Onionsand pickle in the Breakfast. You can also have it in the Lunch or Dinner no problemat all. Get it. It is very cheap and you can make to bailey full in just 1 dollar in thestreets of Delhi or Mumbai.

Number 1.Samosa. Oh it has been so long we are counting from10 to one backward. And the finally we come to end this amazing Indian food journey withour Number 1 monster. Samosa is a very famous Indian Savory dish.It is made from the Potato Stuffing which is kwon as Aloo in India. It is so good thatevery Indian just can’t live without Samosa. From early morning to mid night Indian canhave Samosa only. Must eat Samosa if you are a true food lover. It is very cheap and deliciousIndian Fast Food. Just pay one dollar for 6 Samosas.Samosa is a very good option for the Vegan. It is really very delicious, seriously verydelicious, I am sure. Yes it is.


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