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Top 10 Geniusn Food Packagig Ideas

Top 10 Geniusn Food Packagig Ideas

Top 10 Genius Food Packaging Ideas Welcome back everyone, my name is Danny Burkeand today were taking a look atg the top 10 genius food packaging ideas … if you lovefood, youll probably be interested in some of the clever ways it can be presented – thereare some really smart designers out there … you may also be interested in our discontinuedfood series up there – watch that after the video because right now were Starting offat number 10 with Pocketchup.

Check this out – some genius designer madethis after get incredibly frustrated with the current fry and ketchup system that mostof us use. Having a fold out pocket for the ketchup likethis allows you to eat and dip while you walk. And it will only take you about an hour andhalf of walking to walk off the calories from those fries. Its a win win! Next up at number 9 we have The Paper Dish. Desingers in South Korea came up with thisclever invention to sold a problem we all get with pizza – it can be very hot and kindagreasy for your fingers. The Paper dish is a serated paper plate – youput the pizza on top and then when you pull on one of the taps, it tears a perfect slightaway from the rest and gives you that little tab to hold on to in the process. Pizza has been around for a long time andwere only now getting this … Moving on to number 8 we have Goldfish TeaBags. OK this one is just cool to look at – itsnot necessarily useful like our previous two – check out these Goldfish Tea Bags. They don’t look like much in the box but justlike a fish – they come into their own in the water. As the tea expands in the hot water, so doesthe fish’s body. The traditional tea bag string is even turnedinto a little fish hook. That can be cute or kinda morbid dependingon how you look at it. Cool either way. Next up at number 7 we have Bad Milk. You know when youre not sure if the milk hasgone off? You think it might have, you give it a smellbut youre not 100% sure? Well, this is gonna change your world. Some designers have been working on a conceptfor a milk carton whos packaging changes colour depending on how bad the milk has gone. A lot of people love the idea because theydnever have to worry about this again – however, others said that this would encourage themto throw away the whole thing as soon as they saw any change in colour, even if the milkwas probably OK. What would you guys do? Next up at number 6 we have The BlockbusterBox. In 2015, Pizza Hut created a limited editionbox that would turn your smartphone into a movie projector. The Blockbuster Box contains a hole to putthe lens in. The little tray they put in the middle ofpizza to stop them getting squashed becomes the lens slider. After that, all you need is a smartphone playinga video and the image will be amplified onto any wall you choose. On paper, this sounds amazing – but the factthat its been a few years now and we havent heard anything more makes me think somethingwent wrong. Perhaps too much pizza on the lends. Such a shame. Moving on to number 5 we have The YoghurtLid. Yes, we say Yoghurt in the UK. Im sure theres a lot of giggling Americansright now and a lot of British people confused at all the laughing, say hi to each otherin the comments. Anyway, check this out – this is a yoghurtthat comes with no spoon – you make the spoon out of the lid. The instructions to do this are written ontop, showing which bits to fold and where. The result is a handmade spoon that worksjust as well as any other except theres no extra waste. If youre gonna throw the lid away anyway,why not make use of it first! Next up at number 4 we have the Anti TheftLunch Bags. Heres a question for you: would you eat thissandwhich? No?

It looks rotten right – well its not. Those green splotches are actually on thepackaging. This is an anti theft lunch bag – its designedto stop people from stealing your lunch. This may be a problem at some schools butin some workplaces – people can get their lunches stolen by their greedy co workersall the time. One designer got so sick of this that theycame up with these special lunchbags – theyre $4 for 25, more expensive than normal ones,but nobody is ever gonna touch your rotten looking sandwhich again … Next up at number 3 we have The Frappuccino. Now, I don’t drink at starbucks, I had noidea this existed but a lot of you guys might. They have an edible straw for their drinks. The Frappuccino Cookie Straw is a wafer biscuitrolled and lined with chocolate that functions just like a normal straw. Starbucks started selling this with all theirFrappuccinos back in 2015. Have you guys tried this before? I havent yet but I think the biggest challengewould be not eating the straw before you finish the drink … thats a very 1st world problemisnt it … Moving on to number 2 we have Spaghetti Servings. OK, some of you might not be old enough toappreciate this one but if youre of a certain age I know you will. Check out this spaghetti packaging. If you unfold one of the 6 flaps and pourthe dry spaghetti out, one portion will fill up the hole exactly – no more guessing andthen making enough spaghetti to feed a small village! If youre making for 3, just unfold 3 flaps, its that easy! This was designed by British student  Neal Fletcher – yes, he was a student. As a student, I only designed elaborate ways to sleep in. And finally at number 1 we have The Edible Coffee Cups. You heard me right. In 2015, KFC unveiled a new line of coffeecups in the UK that you can eat. Thats right, it holds real hot coffee andthen you can eat the cup after you finish. The cookie cups have been wrapped in sugarpaper and layered with white chocolate to achieve the desired effect. Theyre called Scoffee cups and KFC didnt actuallyinvent them on their own, they teamed up with food scientists called The Robin Collective. A spokesperson from the Robin collective said-Not only do the cups taste amazing, they smell delicious too!- … thats nice but Ithink most people just want the coffee or to eat the cup. Or maybe I wrong. Would you buy an edible coffee cup for thesmell? I cant believe that sentence just came outof my mouth … I found a lot more of these guys but my handsare tied by the format of a top 10 list … I can do a part 2 though if  you’d like? Let me know, I am Danny Burke, I hope you’re having a lovely day wherever you are and Ill see you all in the next video.

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