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Top 10 American Fast Food Chains

They’re the places to go, when we’re on a budget, and too tired to cook. “Get the new ‘Premium Dog’ only at New York Fries.” Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks, for ‘The Top 10 American Fast Food Chains’. “Bayou Buffalo Wicked Chicken and football!” For this list, we’re focusing on chains of fast food establishments, that we’re founded in the United States. And that focus on selling food.

Not some other products like coffee or juice… We’re ranking our choices, based on their popularity, trend-setting achievements, and customer satisfaction. Yeah, we know some of the places, may not be the most reputable for the effects on their health of their customers… But we’re not saying, you should be eating here everyday. “Double burgers on sale for 99c!” Apart from tacos, this fast food chain has earned it’s place, as a market giant. With it’s quesadillas, nachos, and other Tex-Mex favorites. Founded in 1962 by Glen Bell, this chain took less than a decade, to expand to over 300 locations in the U.S., and to go public. Putting out innovative items like their, ‘Doritos Locos Tacos’, and XXL size products. Taco Bell continues to keep up revenue wise with the competition.

With the recent and ambitious move towards the battle for breakfast, there’s little doubt, the company will continue to grow and… ‘Live Más’. “Taco Bell’s exciting breakfast menu.” “Chili Cheeseburger, back at Carl’s Jr..” What started as a hot dog cart in 1941, by Carl and Margaret Karcher. Quickly spawn a full-fledged, drive-in restaurant, as well as smaller versions of the establishment. Hence how the chain got it’s name. “I called it my Bikini Burger.”

 “The Carl’s Jr. Teriyaki Burger with grilled pineapple.” “More than just a piece of meat.” In it’s life span, the company has risen to prominence, for pioneering the use of non-traditional condiments on it’s burgers. Including, bacon, onion rings, and even Philly cheese steak. With hot selling menu items, such as their Western burgers, and their gourmet restaurant style six dollar ($6) burgers… The Karchers fast food dream, has come a long way from hot dogs. No literally, hot dogs are no longer on the menu. “More meat.” “More cheese.” “Less money.” “La la la la la.” With, ‘Food with Integrity’, as their mission… This is one of the earliest examples of a chain spreading the fast-casual dinning style. Founded in 1993, the company became a presence in the dinning industry. With it’s rapid expansion from the initial 16, to it’s current 1,600 locations, within the window of two decades. While rival fast-casual competitors like, ‘Panera Bread,’ have likewise growth significantly. None rivals the quality of the naturally raised meats, and sustainable agriculture practices found at… ‘Chipotle’. Leader: “WHO ARE WE?” Crew: “DOMINO’S PIZZA!” As the world’s largest pizza chain, Domino’s and its red, white, and blue logo, are recognized across 70 countries. Thanks to over 10,000 locations. That’s a lot of dough… With innovations that included, the 30 minutes or it’s free delivery guarantee, or real time order tracking apps… Domino’s has proven its desire, to fully satisfy, the eagerly waiting hungry customer. When the company was ranked last, in a national consumer taste test… They took matters into their own hands… Entirely changing their recipe, and producing a self-aware ad campaign on the subject. Patrick Doyle: “There comes a time when you know you’ve gotta make a change.” The result was a huge quarterly gain, that reminded everyone, that nothing keeps a good pizza chain down. Founded in Columbus, Ohio, by Dave Thomas in 1969. Wendy’s, is known for their unique take on the burger. Can you say, “square patties?” While the company doesn’t sell its own signature sandwich, like, ‘McDonald’s Big Mac’ or ‘Burger King Whopper’… It does serve a number of well-received items, like, “The Baconator,” 

“The Pretzel Bun Burger,” and its own line of frozen desserts, appropriately named, ‘Frosty’. ‘Its cool, creamy, chocolately, and totally unique texture.’ Other notable distinctions, in terms of business practices, including franchise owners leeway with store hours, interior design, product sales, and staff uniforms. But don’t worry, you’ll never be asking… “Where’s the beef?!” Started in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas. ‘Pizza Hut’ is famous for its many innovative products. Including, many different varieties of crust. Like stuffed crust, for example. “With tons of toppings and cheese baked right into crust, its unlike you’ve ever seen.” Though today, many of the chains franchises are packaged with another of young brand subsidiaries. The earliest pizza hut’s became popular. Thanks to their fitting red roof architecture, cozy interior atmospheres, and upscale menus. Today, the company continues building… on its Italian-American based cuisine. Expanding to sandwiches, chicken, and pasta. “It’s so tasty, everyone will think that you made it, ‘Tuscany Pasta’  only in Pizza Hut.” While the company is known for quick service and delivery options, it’s one of the few fast-food chains. Whose full service restaurants contained bars and other non-traditional amenities, like jukeboxes and arcades. ” ♫ We start with good fresh chicken  ♫” ” ♫ We cook it up, two ways  ♫” While some of us may prefer our traditional fire-grilled chicken, it doesn’t compare to the Colonel’s recipe of 11 herbs and spices. Found it in the wake of depression in 1930, Kentucky Fried chicken as it was originally known was the ‘brainchild,’ of Colonel Harland Sanders. And his venture was a bold move. Not only in the timing of its birth, but also because of its presence in an industry that was, and continues to be dominated by burger joints. Today, KFC stands as the most successful restaurant, specializing in fried chicken. As well, as the second largest fast food chain, in terms of revenue in the world. “Okay, Colonel, hit the road.” Well it may not be the ‘king’ of our list, it has certainly taken the top spot, in the hearts of many fast food frequenter. Founded in 1953,  as ‘Insta-Burger King’ This chains continues to flourish, with over 13,000 locations in 79 different countries. 99% of which are owned and operated as franchises. Though the chain signature line of Wahlburgers, has kept the company afloat. In recent years, BK has started to move away from their more male eccentric product line. And towards healthier options with fewer trans fat. Keeping them on par with similar rivals. “Subway restaurants, you choose your freshly baked bread, meats, cheese, and veggies, to make a sub that just right for you.” As a privately-held brand owned by a company called, “Doctor Associates”. Subway has become famous, for its emphasis on excellent tasting, healthy menu items, since its inception in 1965. “We’re all about finding unique veggies that give your sandwich even more life.” With sandwiches, soups, and salads being the mainstay of this chain’s menu. “Remember Jared, from Subway?” Its the perfect quick service establishment for health buffs, vegetarians, people looking to drop weight and anyone who’s sick of traditional fast food choices. Yes, Quiznos is toasty and tasty… But, Subway remains the world’s largest restaurant chain. Commanding over 42,000 locations, and remaining the preferred sandwich shop by franchisees, and the health conscious. “Only thing better than creating this cool, crisp, colorful rainbow, is watching you working your sandwich magic.” 

Before we unveil our top fast food giant, here are a few honorable mentions. “Arby’s new ‘Mega Meat Stacks’, Arby’s. We have the meats.” “As real as a colossal quarter pounder all beff patty.” “Double bacon, double processed cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce and tomato, all on a great big sesame seed bun.” “Get a big, one third third pound, home-style double burger for only 99c.” Jack: “Hi, I’m Jack.”  RMC:  “I’m Ronald McDonald.” Jack: “No way!” RMC: “Yup.” Jack: “Alright.” Jack: “So what you think?” RMC: “Delicious!” Jack: “Told ya! Now my burger are so good…” Jack: “…even Ronald McDonald likes it.” “We found at Papa John’s with two simple premises:” “Take care your people and make the best pizza you can.” With signature products like, The Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Happy Meals, McNuggets, McMuffins, and more… McDonalds menus cater not only to burger lovers, but also to kids, early birds, coffeehouse ethusiasts, and even health nuts. Bear: “There’s always an extra fry at the bottom.” That diversity, is what has helped the golden arches survive and thrive since 1955. When Ray Kroc opened his first franchise of the McDonald brothers in Denver. Though McDonald’s 

has faced competition from both non-burger restaurants like Subway. And premium burger alternatives like ‘Five Guys’ and ‘In-n-Out’. It still stands as the quintessential example and king of fast food. An empire that boasts over 35,000 locations, and post net profits as high as 5.5 billion U.S. dollars. Do you agree with our list? Which fast food can’t you live without? For more burger-licious top ten published everyday, be sure to subscribe to

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