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5 of the Best Street Food Finds in London

5 of the Best Street Food Finds in London



What’s up and welcome to another episode of Chopstick Travel. My name’s Luke Martin and today we are in Kuala Lumpur, one of my all-time favorite cities. If you didn’t already check out our series we just made in Penang, make sure to hit the link down in the description box. We made three episodes and we tasted so much delicious street food. So today, as I mentioned, we are in Kuala Lumpur. This is an incredible city. We are going to be here for the next few days making a few episodes for you guys. So if you haven’t already, make sure to hit the bell icon and subscribe so that you are notified when we post a new video. So, let’s just get the day started. So for breakfast this morning we’ve come out to a place called mansion tea stall. We have been here before in the past and we thought it was just too cool to pass up so we decided to come back for breakfast. This place serves all different kinds of different roti, different breakfasts, different teas. And today we have ordered up roti banjir specials. So we’re gonna show you what that is once it arrives. So our breakfast has arrived, and the way that he makes this is he uses a piece of dough that he thins out very very thin, like paper thin, and folds it a couple times before he fries it up until it’s kind of golden crispy. And then he beats it, kind of like pounds it up to fluff it up, and then they top it with all kinds of different things. So here we have a really sloppy looking plate of food, but it looks absolutely delicious. So you can see that roti underneath. It’s kind of been chopped up into little pieces. There’s some vegetables on top here, and then we ordered ours with soft-boiled eggs So we’ve got two soft-boiled eggs. And then a little bit of sambal sauce on the side, that chili sauce. So let me break these eggs on top of this here. Check that out. Oh man. Let’s get the other one. Those are some seriously creamy eggs. And I’m actually gonna grab a little bit of soy and pepper to put on top of this. So put a little bit of soy sauce on top, not too much. Okay. And then a little bit of white pepper. And then I’m just gonna mix this all up a little bit. Let’s try that. Oh man. This looks super super good. So a little bit spicy. There it’s definitely a curry flavor going on there. The eggs are super creamy. But, my favorite part is the texture of that roti. It’s kind of chewy. That is good. It is a little bit spicy, and that is super hearty for breakfast today. Let’s go in for one more bite. I’m going to try a little bit of this sambal sauce. Some sambal, some egg, vegetables. This is a sloppy mess, but super delicious. So nothing goes better with this breakfast other than teh tarik and this is awesome to have almost any time of day but especially with breakfast. It’s nice and thick and hearty. So I’m gonna try it. Great taste, a little sweet, and it actually has a lot of like spices in there infused in the tea. And it’s just a great way to start the day. I love it. They really compromise on the presentation with this dish, but that’s okay with me because the flavors are phenomenal. I really love how that roti just soaks up all the flavors of that curry, and then that egg as well. And it’s a nice little savory dish, if you’re into having savory things for breakfast, this is probably your cup of tea. Alright so we have finished off at Mansion Tea Stall. We are quite full. We are on our way to KL Forest Eco Park to check out this really cool suspension bridge and just walk around the park and enjoy the beauty of KL. So we just call the Grab car. We’re waiting for it to show up now, and we will be checking in once we get to the park. So for those of you who don’t know, Grab car is basically the Uber of Malaysia. We just took one to the Eco Park as Sabrina mentioned and we’ve never been here before but we’re right at the base of KL tower and as she mentioned there is a really cool canopy suspension bridge that we’re gonna go check out right now. So this place is really cool. It’s basically one giant suspension bridge and it’s connected by different towers. So you get to walk along this forest, you’re really high up, you’re up in the canopy, and best of all, this place is free. Finished off with our canopy walk here at the KL Eco Park.

That was really cool. It’s only about a 30 minute round-trip, so it’s not very long, but that’s okay. It’s worth it. I think you should definitely come out here. So now we are going to head to get some lunch. So we are at lunch now, and this is a really popular with the locals restaurant for grilled fish or ikan bakar. We are outside of the city center, so this is a real local spot and we’ve got a nice spread of dishes. And of course the main piece de resistance is this grilled fish. So it’s actually grilled in this banana leaf, you can see here. They’ve got a big grill out front full of the fish, all wrapped up in the banana leaves to kind of contain all those juices. And I’m gonna rip back the skin. I’ve already kind of tore it open to let it cool down a little bit. You can see all that really delicious looking flesh on the inside. So back here we’ve also got a plate of rice, and we’ve got a sauce, and this is like a sauce of chili I see some onions in there, some green chilies. There’s probably some shrimp paste, some lime juice. All kinds of different things. We’ve also got this little soup back here which is just a very plain looking soup with some green onions. And then a nice juice. I think this is an orange juice. So let me go in for a piece of the fish. I’m gonna move this part and go for some of that white stuff and a little bit of this, and then definitely gotta dip it in that sauce as well. Get a nice dip, and then just try that first by itself without the rice. Mm. Mmm. That is definitely some fresh fish, and you can taste that super super smoky. I like that sauce. It’s a little bit sour and a little bit spicy, too. But there is like, a ton of bones in there, little small bones. You could probably eat them. But when there’s that many, I don’t know if you should swallow a whole mouthful of bones. Let me go in for another bite here. Peel back a little bit more skin. And I think, if I get some of this stuff down here, there probably is less bones. Some sauce and some rice this time. Eat it with little bit of rice. Let’s try that. Mm. Okay. Much left bones in there. All right, I don’t think I got any bones actually. And that goes really nicely with the rice. This is really good. It’s– you definitely need this sauce, because the sauce really brings together all those flavors The smoky, spicy and sour, and then with a little bit of rice to just hold everything together. That’s good. Where there’s fish, there’s usually a cat or two, or, I don’t know. How many? Well, I have two around me but there are– I can see one, a couple kittens, There’s probably like, eight cats here, just like nibbling on this stuff that falls in the ground. So, they’re cleaning up. You get t he perfect little bite. That i really really good. Then chase it with this orange juice, there’s a little bit of lime in here too. Oh, man. Super refreshing, but way too sweet. There is too much sugar. Malaysians really like their drink sweet, but it’s okay. Probably order it with less sugar, I probably should have. This meal’s really good. Finished off with lunch. That was really good. The fish was really fresh and delicious. That restaurant was kind of hard as a foreigner to order. What did you think? Uh, yeah. It was– I don’t know where you’re supposed to have actually ordered. The hours online say something completely different, because now they’re completely shut down. Yeah, and it was supposed to be open for another few hours so we’ve just kind of been sitting, waiting for them to bring over our food. We tried to order. So maybe it’s a little bit tough for foreigners, but the food is really good so it is worth it if you do want to come out here and get some really good ikan bakar. So now we’re heading to get some dessert. So for our dessert we have come to the Chow Kit area. Chow Kit is famous for the market, and we’re actually gonna go check that out right after we have our dessert. And this is something I’ve never had before. I read about it online, and I just thought I needed to try it. This is durian cendol. So mixing two of my favorite things. Durian, and the famous Malaysian dessert, cendol. So here we have it. It is absolutely beautiful looking. So you can see this is just a bowl of cendol. There is those little green pandan noodles underneath. Lots of shaved ice. It’s all swimming, like, overflowing actually, in coconut milk. This version has some corn. So you can see some kind of like creamed corn, and then of course the big big chunk of durian. Some fresh durian. I can smell it. It smells really potent, a little bit fermented almost, and this just looks too good. So let’s try it out. I’m not really sure how you’re supposed to eat this, so I’m actually just gonna take a bite of durian, and then chase it with some of the cendol. Oh, yum. Oh man. Wow. That is a unique combination to say the least. – What?- I don’t know how much I like it. So that durian is quite potent. It’s very kind of stinky. You could taste that fermented flavor in your mouth. The cendol is nice and like creamy from that coconut milk, very refreshing. I don’t know how I feel about this, though, because I really like both those things but, you know, with some other things in life you just shouldn’t mix the two together, and this may be one for me I don’t know it kind of is weird. The durian is overpowering the cendol. It’s kind of like seeped into the coconut milk flavor, but I don’t know. Maybe it’s just not my thing. It is very popular. This place is pretty packed with people. And you can see there’s just big chunks of durian in there. It’s quite a unique dish. Let me go over one more bite to it. Mm. Oh, I do love durian. It’s kind of weird. It plays with my mind, because I think I’m eating just durian and then I chase it with this like sweet, creamy cendol. Yeah. I don’t know. Finished off with dessert. I think Sabrina enjoyed it a little bit more than I did. I probably would opt just for the durian next time. So now we are going to head to the Chow Kit market. This is just like one of the biggest markets, I think, here in Kuala Lumpur. And just a really cool place to stroll around, check out all the fresh fruits and vegetables. I love this market. There is always so much to see every time we come here. It’s really thrilling. There’s always different ingredients, you know. Throughout the year, they’re growing different things and there’s all kinds of things I can’t even recognize. All kinds of exotic fruits and vegetables. It’s just a really nice place to stroll through. – Remember the first time we came here? – Yeah, I remember being really intimidated. There was a lot of like different smells and animals being butchered in front of you. So it was a little bit of a culture shock at first, but now it’s kind of you know, you get used to this sort of thing.- Yeah. – It’s traditional.- What do you think of this stuff right here? Does it gross you out anymore? No, not really. Finished off with our tour of the champion market. That place is really cool. If you’re a little bit squeamish, maybe it’s not the place for you. It is very traditional. It’s very real, you know, seeing the big hanging things of beef and all the fish getting chopped up. So maybe if that’s not your thing, don’t go there. But anyway, we are still a little bit full from our dessert and lunch so I think that we’re going to take a little bit of a break before we head out for dinner tonight. It is a rainy night here in KL. And we are back out to the same area, actually, that we just ate that ikan bakar for lunch to have some satay. We are going to a satay-only restaurant. So let’s go there right now. The restaurant we are at is called Satay  Zainah Ismail. And this is purely a saute restaurant. They have one of the longest charcoal grills I’ve ever seen for cooking the satays. Just hundreds of the sticks on there at once all over charcoal of course, and they’re using the traditional bamboo fan to cook those. So we disordered up 10 chicken and 10 beef. We are waiting for those to arrive, but we also order up tea and you can see at the bottom here there is just a ton of condensed milk. so I’m going to give that a nice little swirl and mix it in. Oh yeah. Wow, that’s really light and not very sweet. Nice and creamy. I’m ready to eat the satay. Our satay has arrived. We have only two different kinds, the chicken and the beef, and I can smell these already. They smell super super smoky, and you can see, we’ve got a couple other things on the plate. So we have the ketupat, which is a kind of rice cake that was wrapped up in some leaves and then steamed. And then we’ve also got of course some raw onions, and raw cucumbers. And just check these out. The beef looks so, like, glistening-ly beautiful. Oily. And then you can see all those little kind of crispy bits on the end. And then over here we’ve got our chicken and it looks like this has been rubbed in some spices. Maybe a little bit of chili. Maybe a little bit of turmeric as well, because it’s got kind of a nice orange color. I just look at that kind of burnt charcoal bits there. This smells just so ridiculously good. My mouth is watering. And of course we have also been served it with a nice– I like how this place has served it with a huge bowl of sauce. So this is like a peanut spicy chili oil satay sauce. So let’s just go in here. I’m gonna go for this chicken one right here, and I’m just gonna make sure that this gets completely smothered in that sauce. Check that out. Oh man. That looks so good. Let’s try this. When you cook it low and slow over those charcoals. It just tenderizes that meat is so incredibly well. It just infuses it with the flavor of that charcoal. It is super smoky, super tender, but then it has those little crunchy burnt bits at the end. I’m gonna chase it with a little piece of this ketupat, the rice. Try to pull a piece off at the end there. Okay, let’s try that. It’s very plain, but very good. Oh man. That is such a good bite. Wow. Next up is the beef, and these just look super juicy. It looks like they’ve already been smothered in maybe a little bit of that satay sauce. And once again, I’m going to completely dunk it in this sauce. This sauce is just too good. You can see the little bits of peanut in there. And it’s not very spicy, there’s just a little hint of chili in there. Let’s try it out. That is so juicy. That is phenomenal. This is instantly the best satay I have ever had. For sure. By a landslide. A lot of satay you get is just kind of by a street vendor on the side of the road. This is a dedicated restaurant. They know what they’re doing. They’re serving tons of hungry customers Chase that with some cucumber. Oh man. That is so tasty.

[Sabrina] We have finished off eating our satay for the night, and it was amazing. [Luke] Yeah, what an experience. That place is probably, in my opinion, the best thing we’ve eaten this trip to Malaysia so far. And the restaurant owners are super super friendly. – What did you think? That was super good.- I thought it was awesome. I mean, we’ve never had satay that had such large chunks of meat on the stick. And it was really juicy. Yes, super juicy, and the sauce was super flavorful. Really really smoky and filling, because usually we can eat ten satay no problem. – But like, we’re pretty full after eating just ten each.- I couldn’t eat anymore. I couldn’t eat anymore. – I had to get him to finish them.- Yeah. So that was an awesome way to end the day. If you guys haven’t checked out our previous episodes from Malaysia make sure to check those out down in the description box and if you want to visit any of the restaurants we visited in today’s episode, the information for those will also be down in the description box. So thanks for watching guys. Make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. Leave us a comment down below letting us know what you think looked the most delicious today and we’ll see you again from Malaysia very soon. Bye bye.- Bye.


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