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today we’re in Athens, Greece we’re here toeat and we’re going to be zipping all around town to show you the best foodAthens has to offer Athens’s food culture is vibrant, delicious and steeped in historythis is our third video from Athens and we’re here to hunt down the best localfood watch out for mouth-watering street food, heritage recipes and traditionalGreek food in this four-part series we’ll show you the city’s tastiest foodfrom hole-in-the-wall restaurants to delicious street food you don’t want tomiss this series get ready for some mouth-watering foodI’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungrylet’s eat Greek cuisine is mouth-wateringthere’s just no other word to describe it and so today we’re going to behopping all around town to find the best local food to show you we’re at ourfirst stop and we are eating one of the most delicious things you could possiblyeat when you’re in Athens and that’s a souvlaki pita “we are very traditional place with nopotatoes no gyros those things yea” souvlaki pita is theking of Greek street food you’ll see it all over

Athens every street corner hasa restaurant selling this dish but why are we at this particular restaurant orstall? It’s because it’s one of the best in Athens if not the best it’s got areally long history it’s been around since 1950 and they serve up their souvlaki pita the traditional way so I’ve got it in my hot little hand letme talk you through it so you’ve got this really thick fluffy pita andinside we ordered the pork souvlaki so souvlaki is meat which is cooked on askewer so you’ve got the chunks of pork souvlaki there there’s big juicy bits oftomato there’s yogurt there’s parsley some red onions sliced really finely alittle bit of chilli salt and pepper so really really simple let’s get into it mmmholy moly that was the perfect first bite the pork has a lot of texture a lotof flavour it’s very smoky and that pita very smoky as well and very fluffy a little bit chewy so it’s got a greattexture, the zing of those freshly sliced onions just add a real delicious hit the tomatoes are so juicy wow it’s brilliant it’s simple and it’s packed full of flavour and Kostas is using hisgrandfather’s recipe so his grandfather opened this little what was then a just alittle window selling this dish back in 1950 and 65 years later he’s stillserving up that same recipe that’s a heritage dish right there now that was a great way of startingthis day of eating so souvlaki pita here super common but what you’llnormally find is a bit of a different take on it they put potato chips inthere so french fries inside the wrap that one’s really really traditional sosuper natural super clean flavors it was truly amazing and I love this setup itwas the most tidy together setup I’ve ever seen for a street food seller reallywell done he was just super efficient efficient yeah loved itthat was a brilliant start, next stop our next stop is the last survivingdairy bar in Athens so back in the 1960s there used to be over 1500 of thesetraditional dairy bars where people would stop by to grab their milk theiryogurt have a coffee have some dessert but thattradition is dying out and this place is the last man standing we’re here to eatsome Greek yogurt now anything dairy gets me incrediblyexcited so when we booked tickets to Greece the first thing on my mind wasGreek yogurt and check this out this is insane so this is some incrediblelooking Greek yogurt covered in honey and some really fresh looking walnuts alljust broken up on top of there and we’ve also ordered some some well cream offthe top really this is what’s skimmed off the top and it’s covered in thatsame honey again but I’m gonna start with the Greek yogurt and those thosewalnuts and honey mixture ohhh look how creamy it looks get some walnuts missingthe walnuts ohhhhh oh my god ohhhhh I’ve just gone to yogurt heaven that is incredibleit is the creamiest yogurt I’ve ever had and it’s really nice and sour so anysweetness it’s got is from the from the honey not from the yoghurt itself so Idon’t think the yogurt would be sweetened at all let’s get some more it’s really sour and tangy so I believe this is a sheep’s milk yogurt so it’sgot that extra tanginess from that like nothing else I’ve ever eaten Sheena spoke before about how there used to be thousands of these types of shopsI don’t know how there isn’t still thousands because that is incredibleI’d be eating that every day if I lived here ohhhh the flavor it’s unreal let’s trythis this cream on top once again with that honey all over it look at thatoozy honey it’s a nice runny honey Wow flavour is completely differentthere that’s got a real creamy texture so it tastes like whipped cream actuallythe texture’s like a whipped cream that’s not been taken all the way and that isunreal as well I’m gonna go again look at the honey just glistening on it oh man it’s like eating a glass of cream the most silky smooth cream you’ve evertasted and then once again the sweetness is just coming from the honey unbelievable, the yogurt I think is not gonna last long that’s gonna get it’s very rich so it’s gonna be great for us to share that it’s gonna be hardto finish that by yourself but the yogurt is so light and so fresh and tangy it’s going down a treat Athens is a city just full of historyand culture so so far the food today has been had a great bit of historybehind it one place was opened in 1950 the other place opened in 1931 next upwe’re going for loukoumades at a place that’s been around for almost a hundredyears and then you’ve got this sort of history so right behind me is a cemetaryand that was first created in the ninth century BC and was used until the thirdcentury AD incredible history in this place it’s an amazing city and the foodculture here is pretty incredible so there is a history and a food culturedating back three and a half to four thousand years it’s unreal numbers we’ve ordered up our loukoumades andthese are as fresh as fresh gets they came straight out of the hot oil socheck them out they’re

basically a Greek doughnut I suppose so deep fried doughcovered in a honey syrup there’s a lot of crushed walnuts over the top and alsocinnamon and the smell ohhhh it’s heavenly I’ve just gotta dive right in, wow okay so the loukoumades is really soft it’s notdense and doughy at all it’s very crispy it seems amazing they are light as air theyshatter when you bite into them because they’ve got this really crispy outer andthe inside is really pillowy the honey syrup is really sweet and there’s abeautiful fragrance from that cinnamon the walnuts also add a really greatcrunch I can’t get over how light and fluffythey are they are a great texture and loukoumades are a really popular Greeksweet treat and I can totally see why this place has been churning loukoumades out since 1923 so it’s a bit of an institution we had a walk around the old town ofPlaka and up near the Acropolis to work up an appetite for our next spot we’reoff to eat a meze feast now meze is made up of small dishes reallysavoury small dishes they can be hot or cold and you snack on them over drinks we ate here the other day and it was amazing this is a really traditional place there’s a lot of meze places all around the cityespecially in the centre you’ll find a lot of very touristy places this placeis not touristy at all and the meze is incredible most of our meze has arrived and this is one good looking spread so let me talk you through what we ordered this here issaganaki which is fried cheese it comes with some olives and some pickledchilies this here is tzatziki the famous Greek dip made of strainedyogurt and cucumber there’s a whole lot of olive oil chucked over the top theretoo, marinated anchovies one of my absolute faves, this here is a behemoth ofa Greek salad so cucumber, red onion, oregano, capsicumtomato and a whole slab of feta, our fresh calamari has arrivedthat’s deep fried calamari or squid let me just pop that there ohhh it smells real good and then we’ve got a little pitcher of wine which I’m just gonna pour look at that andthen some freshly toasted bread to go with it all and I absolutely love this style of eating, you just pick away slowly, have some drinks it’s a reallysocial way of eating let’s get into the time critical food first so the saganakiI’m gonna get that lemon juice all over it and you don’t want it to cool downotherwise it will turn a little bit squeaky so I’m just gonna get this bitright here oh yeahfried cheese I mean no word can explain how good it is right, it’s just verylightly floured, there’s a whole range of different types of cheeses for saganaki I’m not really too sure what that is but it’s very salty very pungent and itgoes perfectly with these pickled chilies not overly spicy but very very vinegaryand tangy they sort of cut through the the saltiness of the cheese but now theother dish that’s gonna cool down really quick the calamari but first of allhow juicy are the lemons? We’ve got this lemon tree at our Airbnb and we’vebeen grabbing lemons off of that and they are just full of juice and so so tangyoh they’re out of this world all right let’s get this lovely bit here perfectly fried the squid is still supertender that flouring on the outside the batter is really crisp and crunchy andit’s well seasoned so it’s got a lot of flavour mmmm this is a truly spectacular wayto eat food I love that the dishes are quite small so you can get a massivespread they’re all very affordable as well so you don’t feel like you knowyou’re restricted in just getting a big spread of different things and that’swhy we’ve got this brilliant makeup with the salad and the fish dishes and thedip and the cheese we’re really able to sort of go to town let’s get some ofthis tzatziki oh wow oh it’s super creamy it’s got a really strong parsley taste and thatolive oil on the top it’s really coming through strong it’s actually oddly alittle bit of a chilli taste but I think that might be coming from the olive oilso it might be quite a spicy olive oil so has a real zing to it definitely oneof the more interesting prepared dishes on the table for meare these anchovies so they’re pickled in vinegar but they’re pickled withchilli and parsley you can see that all over them and they’ve been drenched inolive oil and so that pickling gives them abeautiful tangy flavour I absolutely love these little guys anchovies sort ofany form are good they’re just an amazing wee fish and this particular way itworks really well so these are these aren’t hot so these can just sitand you just pick away at them really really good and something I’m justreally getting a flavour for in my mouth is that tzat, tzatziki thatI had before the spiciness is not from the olive oil it’s garlic I’m getting ahuge garlic hit now anchovies are incredible let’s assemblethe ultimate mouthful of Greek salad all right I just want cucumber, red onion, feta also a huge

chunk of this tomato Wow again it’s the produce that’s the heroso you can really taste the sunshine almost in those tomatoes, the feta isvery very creamy, the onions very bright and vivid and as is the cucumber likeit’s very simply dressed it’s literally olive oil and then the dried oregano over it butthat’s all it needs because the produce is of such good quality this place is awesomeit’s just packed full of locals it’s just a lot of old guys sitting herehaving a beer, snacking on some small plates this is exactly the type of eatingthat Thomas and I love to do when we’re travelling.


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